Vg టమోటా

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The tamato is the edible,often  red,berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum,commonly known as a tamato plant.Consuming tamatoes regularly helps decrease the levels of cholesterol.

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Vg బంగాళాదుంప

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A potato is a root vegetable, the Solanum tuberosum. It is a small plant with large leaves. The part of the potato that people eat is a tuber that grows under the ground. A potato contains a lot of starch and other carbohydrates.

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Vg నిమ్మకాయ 3 pieces

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lemon juice is squeezed and added to many dishes like lemon rice, lemon tea and beverages like lemonades. The lemon peel is also edible and highly nutritious.Lemon promotes hydration and keeps the skin healthy. They help ease digestion, prevents kidney stones and freshens breath. Lemons are a very good source of Vitamin C.Lemon mixed with honey and water...

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వెల్విష్ అదనపు వర్జిన్ కొబ్బరి నూనె

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Velvish Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a centrifuge -extracted oil from milk of fresh coconuts in Cold Pressed process.Due to the cold pressed (Heat less) process, It has rich vital nutrients, anti oxidants and good fatty acids (Medium Chain Fatty Acids- MCFA) .MCFA is directly converted into energy and increases the metabolic rates.Hence it promotes weight...

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