Vg టమోటా

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The tamato is the edible,often  red,berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum,commonly known as a tamato plant.Consuming tamatoes regularly helps decrease the levels of cholesterol.

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Vg Drumsticks (మునగకాయ)-1 piece

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Drumsticks have long, dark green bumpy pods running along the length and fleshy pulp inside the pod encasing each seed. These pods have a faint bitter taste combined with slight sweetness. Drumsticks are rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. They are also a rich source of vitamin B, C and Iron that reduces...

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Vg బంగాళాదుంప

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A potato is a root vegetable, the Solanum tuberosum. It is a small plant with large leaves. The part of the potato that people eat is a tuber that grows under the ground. A potato contains a lot of starch and other carbohydrates.

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Nestle MAGGI Special Masala Noodles-70g

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మేము మీ వ్యక్తిగత లేదా చెల్లింపు వివరాలను సేవ్ చేయము.

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Brand: Nestle

Nestle MAGGI Chicken Noodles-71g

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Always wanted some chicken with your favourite Masala Noodles? We have got exactly what you want! Enjoy MAGGI Chicken Noodles – a delicious experience that will leave you craving for more.

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Brand: Nestle

నెస్లే మాగీ 2 నిమిషం తక్షణ నూడుల్స్ - మసాలా, 560 గ్రా పర్సు

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Maggi 2-Minute Masala Noodles is an instant noodles brand manufactured by NestleMade with the finest quality spices and ingredientsEach portion (70g) provides 15% of your daily Iron requirementReady in 2 minutes, perfect meal for a hang out or house partyContains a noodle cake and the Favourite Masala Tastemaker inside, for a quick 2 minute preparation   

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